Mass media is specifically envisioned and designed to reach a very large-scale audience throughout the globe. The concept of mass media is complicated in some internet media as now individuals have a means of potential exposure on a scale comparable to what was previously restricted to select group of mass media producers. These internet media can include television, personal web pages, pod casts and Blogs.

Flash designing

One of our specializations is flash web designing. We make Flash animation presentations, banners, and movies and more. We develop professional websites that feature a full range of graphics including home page introduction, online demonstrations, graphic presentations, flash logos for clients across the world.

Graphic designing

Our professional customized graphic design services, logo and print design for business are aimed at web designing as well as print advertising. We combine our expertise with our industry experience to provide businesses large, medium, and small with cost effective graphic design services that creatively integrates all the aspects of visual communication.

Template Designing

Templates are readymade designs available over the web into which logos and content can be easily incorporated to form a webpage. Templates are available in a wide range of styles, themes, color and design, making it a cost effective substitute of customized web design.

Logo Designing

Logo is a graphical representation that bears resemblance a company’s type of business, service etc. It forms an integral part of a brand that can merely make or break a company. There are plenty of instances where a mere redesigning of a logo has worked wonders for a particular organization. Hence, the power of a logo shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, it should be one of the main areas of concern during the making.


Publishing includes the stages of the development, acquisition, copyediting, graphic design, production – printing (and its electronic equivalents), and marketing and distribution of newspapers, magazines, books, literary works, musical works, software and other works dealing with information, including the electronic media.

At segue we serve this industry by designing necessary graphics, animations and logos with necessary innovations.