Segue has developed a unique framework for health care organizations to improve their technical architecture to support and adapt to continual changes, provide value added tools and services to help hospitals function as an enterprise. Segue’s health care delivers unparalleled technical solutions based on a thorough understanding of the provider industry to help providers meet their critical needs. The practice understands the challenges facing the industry, and its breadth and depth of competencies ensure the right solutions for customer’s success.

Segue has expertise drawn from various specialties in the field of medicine, biomedical engineering, helpful management and information technology which helps in designing effective decision support systems.

Segue’s health care primary focus is to deliver public health services, including developing systems and solutions to address the surveillance and controlling of major illnesses and epidemics.

Segue's health care uses latest technologies to tailor solutions to the needs of healthcare delivery organizations, such as hospitals, physicians, diagnostic centers and health clinics, in addition to public health organizations.

The health care payer business processes need to be agile and dynamic to cater to the constant changes of consumer behavior and need of the regulatory authorities. In bringing about such dynamism within the organization, payers have to consistently drive down operational costs, maximize returns on their IT spend and demonstrate consistent business growth to their stakeholders. Segue will leverage its vast experience in the industry to manage core processes, integrate information across the value chain, consolidate applications and bring about a transformation that business demands.